Thursday, November 24, 2011

Drabble: Kings.

The Kurenei elder looked at her with crinkling wise eyes, and asked, “Liddle gurl, you vill tak car of dis talbuk, yes?” The tall draenei female resisted the urge to touch his face: too disrespectful. Her grandfather had always been cautious, worrying too much about everyone and everything. But he had kept them safe, and alive. The least she could would be to protect this talbuk from any harm. Family legends told of her grandfather fighting an army of orcs just to save her grandmother. Looking in his eyes, she believed this, and his protection lasting eternally. “Go on now,” he said.

I realize this isn't Father's Day. Lately, appreciating good fathers and grandfathers has been on my mind lately, mostly I guess because one of my best friend's since I was a girl lost her father a few months ago, and we are both able to talk about it now. The other is I read Vid's blog Manalicious regularly, and know her grandfather isn't well. 

For certain, there plenty of wayward fathers, neglectful fathers, and simply disinterested ones. I know someone whose own father was the worst kind of vagabond blackguard, who would steal from his young mother, and leave her to fend for herself time and again. But I also know of plenty of men who are wonderful fathers, who love their daughters and sons, who protect and care for their children. Those are the men who are truly kings. I am thankful for the men in my life, living and passed on, who have loved me and protected me.

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