Thursday, November 10, 2011

Game face.

Does anyone else feel any level of anxiety on "raid night?" Used to be, any anxiousness or nerves were reserved for a blind date or dinner party, but now, the performance butterflies-in-tummy start to churn hours beforehand. There is an careful dance between apathy and delight, throwing caution to the wind and getting blown away, and an AFK being just getting a tasty beverage and not a Xanax. You would think the gulf would be wider, but yet some days...just...not.

I am planning on spending two hours with my big screen computer, having fire, flames, raid frames, and pixels enjoy a jerk-goat barbecue.  And if Rag doesn't listen to me, I'm siccing this little girl after him. (I am so happy there are humans like this in the world.)

Theme song: Funk Soul Brother/Fatboy Slim.

Eff it, dude. Just dance.

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