Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy. Thanks. Giving.

To my friend Kaylyne:

It's been a year since we met trying to get those Pilgrim thingies done for our drakes, when we struck up a helpful conversation over mashed potatoes. Your friendship to me in the world, both real and virtual, fills my heart with joy. We have been supportive, competitive, insightful, and overall, all the things that make a friendship work.

I was reminded again last night when I was trying to do something with my new little draenei mage for the guild, and a few playground bullies stepped on the scene. I had to defend someone on my own, but without you as back-up, got my nose bloodied. If there is anyone I would want in my corner if I ever did have to face a tough fight, it would be you. It's easy to be kind to someone if all it takes is a few pixels, but you do more. You are a smart player, and heaven help the planet if we ever combined our powers to actually change the real world.

To the rare few who give your love, humor, and the most precious gift of all, time, to me--I thank you. You mean the world to me.
Tek: Gracias. 

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