Monday, November 21, 2011

You can't fire me, I gquit.

On Sunday, I got some great news regarding my professional life, something I've worked very hard for for two years was realized. I almost didn't believe the results, I had convinced myself that I would still be on this journey longer; but no, success was mine.

Coincidentally, being a Sunday, I was wondering if that would be the night I would finally help my guild get Ragnaros. There was no calendar event listed, and even though our GM had been otherwise occupied, another guildmate had been posting raids, so I assumed that because none was posted there wasn't one.

This probably had nothing to do with what happened next, but the night before I had asked a guildie to stop bullying another one, politely, privately, and was told no, and then I was targeted in guildchat, openly. Since I was on my draenei mage at the time, which was created to help the guild, I decided enough was enough, and fast as my fingers could fly, typed gquit. Simple as that. I'm sure divorce lawyers would cry big tears if couples could do that. Now, the guildmate to whom I made my original request threw me an invitation back to the guild, not immediately, but after a fashion, maybe intended like a life-boy over the side of a cruise ship.

I declined. For some reason, just hanging out, trying to do a nice gesture for the guild, and being rebuked got to me. Even nice draeneis get a spine once in a while.

Now, last night, they indeed did have a raid, and indeed, did down Ragnaros. I would have gone if I had known, and am suspicious that this information was kept for the original clique of the guild. I shared my good news with a guildmate, and then saw him in Firelands, and asked him about it, and didn't get much of a response, other than that it was just a spontaneous run. When all was said and done, I congratulated them on their success, to two of the guildmates, packed my virtual bags, and took my skills elsewhere.

Simple as that.

The thing is, guilds are cliques by their very social nature. They are small, tight bands working together. It is been my opinion for a long time that adults never really get over middle school/junior high, and guilds quite often become this petri dish of adolescent post-traumatic funk. Don't think for one minute my cavalier attitude suggests that I lack emotions about this. Not ashamed to say my feelings were pretty damn hurt.I have no issue with any individual of my old guild, and bear them no ill will. I guess I just didn't fit in with their cool-kids' group.

Now I'm going to go smoke cigarettes behind the dumpster by shop class, and try to fit in there.

Worth a listen: This American Life, Episode 449: Middle School

Theme song: Beast of Burden/Rolling Stones

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