Sunday, June 30, 2013

For the Alliance!

Ah, Mataoka, you little morale booster, you! 

Thanks for inspiration, Dahakha: we were talking this morning about my thoughts on bringing over one of my girls to the Horde side, and if so, which one?

It would never, ever be our intrepid shaman, Mataoka...her devotion to Anduin Wyrnn and all the Dwarf clans is unsullied. Not the King, you ask? No...but his son, and the Dwarfs...have always been steadfast of their loyalty to her and hers.

And oh my gosh I have thought this so many times:

Sh*t - do the writers at Blizz think that no one else grew up watching Johnny Quest? FFS.
Okay - sorry - off track...

When I have time, I would like to design a propaganda poster ala Starcraft for Matty:

In the meantime, consider the pin-up girls from the 1940s:

I ignored Dahakha's quip about my being a 'filthy Alliance,' and thought I would do my part to get him to join the 'right' side! Come on, girl! Show those boys what they're fighting for!

Shoulders: Blue Dragonscale
Chest: Burnished Tunic
Back: Mantle of Stormwind (duh!)
Staff: Devotion
Legs: Barbaric Leggings (gotta keep a little gritty, you know?)
Boots: Sentry's Slippers

Garrosh, Garrosh! Come on, dude! Put down that shovel and go have a beer. 


  1. Anybody! Sasche would love company!

    She looks lovely and very patriotic!

    Sorry your computer is still being bad, I lost my Mac mojo years ago when I went to the dark side. I used to know how to fix them but no more.

    1. I am still on the fence - might just be easier for me to level one from scratch...sigh....

      Well, we'll see what happens. It's usually the standard boiler-plate quarrel we seem to have before he sits down to take a look at it that annoys me more. Oh. Well. :)

    2. Anonymous1.7.13


      Goblins. Goblins goblins goblins goblins goblins goblins.

      Not that I'm biased or anything.

    3. I have been meaning to resurrect my gob-lock Kaajinn...need to put in a word to Blizz and see if they can save her poor pixels!

  2. Do it Matty! Some of those songs from Mulan I just love like the one when they are training. That tune just gets stuck in my head head. *heads to youtube....

    1. Love that movie - Make a Man is a great song!

  3. The more the merrier! I hope that escarlata doesn't get neglected. ..

    1. Escarlata couldn't be more neglected if she was reburied; she's my first lock, and I'll get to her.../sigh


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