Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Teutonic Tenacity

There sure as hell better be a dwarf.

Tome and I have some plans this summer. Oh yes we do. F.U. Facebook friends going to Maui! We're going to SERPENTINE! No, wait, it's SerpentSHRINE, noob! But aside from that, there area few other things on my *cough* agenda...

I used to be a pro list maker. My mom's recent response to me over some building stresses was, "Well just make one of famous lists, honey!" Oh, mom...I have lost my list mojo. Maybe if I simplify...I'll just keep it to three:

1. The Val'kyr Pet SHALL BE MINE

Oh yes...someday....and a thousand miles of Northrend

Both Tome and Big Bear have excellent posts on how to get it. Not sure when I plan to do this. Apparently, the Matty-shack is going to the wilderness at some point this summer, and it involves purchasing bear mace. I don't really want to go somewhere that involves bear mace. 

2. Figure out warriors.

3. Shape-up-or-ship-out-shaman: Mataoka's going to get back to it, whatever "it" is. She is on a personal vendetta quest to get epic weapons, either by boss or battlegrounds.

OH - I have to add this, but it coincides with Mataoka - I am going to be throwing out the smoke signal if anyone wants to do Firelands for mounts, chieves, and finishing up reps. Very selfish of me, but that would be shokewl!


  1. OMG! I'm already scared, bear mace! That sounds like someplace my husband would want to go, not me though, lol. Right here with just the foxes and deer is okay.

    I still have never figured out Warriors, don't think one has ever made it out of the twenties

    I would go to Firelands with you but my "help" would be questionable since I've never been there and Cat's the lover Sasche's the fighter. But if you need me I can go study, lol.

    1. As far as warriors, something about them makes me want to level one out of spite. That's a good reason, right? And as far as Firelands, I'm counting on you!

  2. OOOHHHHH, so like hello!

    So this is Matty's home. I was wondering who was visiting the blog. :D Don't forget your spear and magic helmet!!!

    stay frosty....

    1. Good Ser Roo - very pleased you've given my little corner a visit - please come back often! Dwarfs are always welcome. Spear and helmet? Grand advice - thank you!

    2. Well, with the Wagnerian example of music you picked, I figured you would have understood. You don’t watch Bugs Bunny do you? :D

      “What’s Opera, Doc” with Bugs as Bwünhilde and Elmer Fudd as Siegfried, it is an opera to end all operas…

      Bugs - How will you do it? Might I inquire to ask?
      Elmer - I will do it with my spear and magic helmet.

      Stay frosty…
      -roo (the one who sings rather badly while in the shower all of der Ring des Nibelungen one scene at a time in equally bad German.)

    3. Good Sir Roo: I grew up on a steady diet of the incorrigible Bugs. That is one of my favorite memories of time spent with my dad. And yes, though this particular cultural allusion escaped me, rest assured I will not allow it to happen again. Carl Stalling and Peace - Matty

  3. Hm. Maybe escarlata could get geared...

    1. I don't know what that lock is doing...warlocks! Always thinking they can do it alone!

  4. Quest: Mataoka needs help!

    It was an awful sight to witness, [class]. Her Mojo failed when she really needed it.

    Collect x [Mataoka's Mojo]

    Your task is to rebuild Matty's List Making Mojo! Collect her chief list-making mojo weapon: Arithmancy and Logic. Logic and Arithmancy. Her TWO chief weapons are Arithmancy and Logic... and Ruthless Efficiency. Amongst her chief list-making mojo weapons are... Dang, I'll just start over.


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