Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little things...

I don't know if any of you recall the minor battle I had with the milkman. No, it wasn't over curds and whey, or broken hearts, or cracked eggs, nothing like that. He was annoyed with me. This past holiday I waved the white (milk) flag, and gave him I guess a generous tip. He's been so amazing ever since. As I was walking out this morning, I remember it is milk delivery day, and when I opened the box there were two new reusable grocery bags and a lovely note:

Look! A smiley face! The milkman drew me a smiley face!

In an effort to pay it forward, here's my little note to all of you: you're awesomesauce, and put the whipped cream on my cupcakes. Wait. That didn't come out right. Dammit! Wait...okay. Let me try again: You are all the cream in my coffee, the sunny-side up of my eggs, and the sweet pulp of goodness in my morning orange juice.

Sorry - think I made it worse.

Here you go  -- some far better writing than my lame attempt at milkman jokes:


  1. LOL! I DO remember the milkman problems, I'm glad a healthy tip brought his smiley face side out!

  2. wait, last time I remember the milkman was grouchy but this time he's positively glowing! That you had to tip him to make him smiles makes me a bit... sad though. I wonder if I throw gold at Ceniza will she smile at me even MORE than she already does?

    1. Well, in defense of my boyfriend, er, milkman, (LOL!) to me it wasn't a very large tip, and he's the one who's lugging liters of milk at 3AM, not me. I really wonder if anyone in the neighborhood gave him one. Again, better him than me. If a few coppers can turn that frown upside down, so be it.


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