Monday, June 24, 2013

Mixed (Messages) Tape

Back in the day, CD Rogue made me a mix tape. Yup-- a a real tape: a magnetic strip of joy and metaphors, ala Annie Lennox and Neil Finn, spun on spokes of electrical battery-charged goodness. Of the material possessions I would save in case of fire, that tape is one. Who needs diamonds when you have the gift of song? Music is so personal, and yet so public. Gotta love a paradox. In any case, been thinking about what mix tapes my characters might have on hand, and their theme songs, if you will. Maestro? Be so kind. I've limited the lists to three. Many of these I've used in the past, but was fun listening again.

This is not the tape, but it's one I would have had. 

Songs to Fall In Love to:
Pretty much anything from Crowded House/Woodface - Fall at Your Feet/Whispers and Moans

Songs to Think About Breaking Up to:

Songs to Think About Another Point-of-View:

Songs to be Mopey to:

Character Theme Songs:

Cake/ Short Skirt/Long Jacket (I like this stuff! I'll take two!)

Mezzanine: Angel (dark side)




Wax Tailor: Tales of the Forgotten Melodies (she is a very confused paladin)

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