Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Move it, move it...

Okay - confession time. Since Tome confessed her 'no such thing as a free lunch to play' thing, I have to tell ya'll that a little while ago I...


....back my second account. I parred down my DirecTV account, I stopped buying lattes, and I dig my own weeds, (or at least I think about it), so adding back that account is my treat to myself. But the real reason is I couldn't take it. That is how I love to play - lots of alts, mogging experiments, realm experiments, all kinds of fun. Less is more, you say? No. More is more when it comes to Azeroth.

But-- a word of caution.

Last night C.D. Rogue told me, cause I asked (foolish woman!) if something made me look chubby, and honest man that he is, gently, nicely, said...yes. I paraphrased and said, "So you're saying I have too much junk in my trunk?" Nod. It's true though. I haven't been getting off my derriere as much as I should, and there's been no excuse. None. It's been the most amazing June in the history of the time I've lived here. Normally June is rainy and soppy until after Fourth-of-July. So, time to move it.

So -- damn. I don't know what to do with all that junk, all that junk, all that junk...guess I'd better clean out my bags and bank, and go for a walk.

What are you going to do with all that junk?

Forgive me for linking Black Eyed Peas.

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  1. Yay for second accounts! I told myself it was money I saved by not having my hair cut in about 8 years. When I stopped it was bout $80 a visit with tip so I've saved about 1,200. I hardly touched my savings, lol!

    1. If I didn't go see my hair dresser I've been seeing for about ten years I would need a therapist, and that is no joke. She may not play WOW but understands why I do. Oh the stories she could tell...

      I really missed that account. Haven't found the courage to tell CD Rogue but you know the old saying, if momma ain't happy...

  2. There was much mental rationalization when I first got a second account. So many of us were playing, keeping the kids kept the old account while I moved to a new one made sense.

    Often during the school year, I've turned off the kids account. This summer, I've been tempted to turn off mine, just because I've been so dang busy. Work recorded last week away as vacation, but moving my In-Laws was NOT a vacation!

    Although my time in Azeroth has been small, I've been really happy with it, so I can justify it. I haven't paid for a haircut in twenty years, but I think any savings there is spent by the spouse, not me!

    1. That is definitely NOT a vacation. There needs to be another category! Well, when the nickel and diming add up, we'll see...

  3. Anonymous19.6.13

    I have to say for me having 2 accounts is a great thing, as a serious altoholic being limited to 11 toons on one realm isn't enough and now I've learnt to multibox them it means I can go and do content without having to bug someone to come along with me if its too hard for one toon.

    As for your other part; if only all the hard work our toons did would tranfer across. Imagine our biceps after an hour of farming iron ore ;)


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