Sunday, June 16, 2013

Under the bridge (of comments...)

Fried Spam
Recently an influx of spam overwhelmed me. Spams included everything from Santa Claus to cabana boys (nothing about Santa with cabana boys, thank the gods). But one resounding word/name was repeated so many times, I had to take notice: Pokoje.

So, Pokoje is now my new Troll warrior:

She is stacked two-toes to nose with heirlooms, and has a leveling buddy along for the journey. What a perfect name for a stamping-spamming Alliance-whacking babe. Go get 'em Poko.

In other news...
Erinys recently posted a Blog Azeroth idea by Noahdeer. I am going to suggest a vanity item and title that doesn't exist yet. Full credit goes to CD Rogue on this one. Here's how it goes: the quest line is you finally get to cheat a goblin (of some stature) out of gold. As a reward, you not only get to keep his gold, but a diamond-tipped staff that transports you with an all-exclusive resort pass to Gallywix Pleasure Palace. But that's not the best part -- you get the title Nigerian Prince/Princess and a gold-plated fishing net that scoops up all the innocent and trusting InterNET fish.

Ain't That a Kick in the Head....


  1. I think Blizzard should have a contest for ideas for vanity items and the winner's would be put in the game. What I wouldn't give for that diamond-tipped staff!

    I wish I got Pokoje spam, I get a lot of insults and body part enhancements but no good names.

    1. Mabye we need to make this a Blog Azeroth shared topic and see if Blizz picks up the big, not subtle hints!


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