Monday, June 17, 2013

Once again, better women than I...

Ironyca surmised the ramblings of what I was attempting to do the other day about soccer, hockey, RNGs, and drinking beers in pubs and being a bad philosopher:

The wise Dahakha tried to set me straight in a private discussion about the nuances of soccer, and again, I apologize (even though he said not to): I am apologizing for being an impulsive writer and not taking the time as Ironyca did to clarify my thoughts. In any case, go read hers -- the graphic on rochambeau is exquisite. Dahakha was spot-on in our conversation, and I thank him. I said noobish stuff. But remember, this is also the woman who spilled an entire freshly-filled bowl of beef with broccoli last night while reaching for her mouse on a flight path. This is the level of professionalism you're dealing with.

Whatever the RNGs do, I still contend that I am lucky in love, so take that, you no-good-dirty-lying-no-weapon-dropping-gerbil-droppings!


  1. It was so funny to me that while I don't care that much about gear dropping, would be nice but I don't really need it for what I do, the pet battle misses made me into a raging nerd and drove me to Neverwind, lol.

    1. We feel each others pain...since I can't escape to Neverwinter I just ran off with my imagination.


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