Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer lovin'

Ah, memories! Thanks, Tome!

I had the PERFECT POST crafted in my head at 3:19 AM this morning! It was sublime, epic, witty, with this spot-on title and enunciated syllables, and darling diphthongs! seem skeptical. Well,  whatev. I ain't got time for that. In fact, after three days of family fun, I'm back to work. Oh yes...I have many, many MANY more days of work ahead of me, including days when I'm off the clock and the masses assume I'm sitting around getting tan, eating bon-bons, and living off the fat of the taxpayers' backs, I'll be in workshops, trainings, preparing, and simply doing doing doing for the next wave.

Again, whatev. Not complaining. Really. I am desperately trying to fall back in love with what I do in real life. Complaining, it turns out, only adds to the toxicity, and from the distance I had when checking work e-mails this past week, I realized that the levels of toxicity and dysfunction in my workplace maintained their levels, even without me! So, it's NOT my fault after all! I need to make some changes, though - and throw some stuff up to the universe. But the universe and I have made a deal - if a new opportunity doesn't come my way, I'm prepared to stay with who brung me to the dance, in a manner of speaking, and make it work.

Still have plenty of family events planned this week, and into next, so posting may become spotty. Seeing what the Draenei daughters are doing will be sketchy, too. I want pets, mounts, and spirit bears. And hopefully they'll bring the sun tan oil. One whiff of Coppertone and that's all the aromatherapy I need.

What did Danny do at the beach? Tell us about that girl...


  1. I'd forgotten about that! Yay for road trips! Well have fun, the pets will still be here or maybe be back. Some of them just aren't being cooperative for me, lol.

    1. Really looking forward to hanging with my Tome-y this summer! LOL!


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