Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dear Mr. Theck...

I've been poking around Sacred Duty's blog for some time. While leveling Luperci, Who Is Not A Fail Tank But Is Terrified of LFR, I would do my best to figure out the fights, add-ons, positioning, and read their information for tips and hints. They never failed to deliver, and Icy Veins recognizes Theck, the primary author I believe, as an expert in the protection paladin class. The "Lupe Project," or how to get back into tanking, has been on my mind for awhile, and this post was in the draft folder for some time. I'm not sure if I'm ready yet. Just looking at her "Ask Mr Robot" is daunting enough for any brave player:
At least I have the Windsong right...
To be perfectly blunt, re-learning this class feels overwhelming and somewhat futile. And for a paladin to feel all hope is lost, well there is nothing sadder. But is it hopelessness, or just sheer, old-fashioned laziness on my part? Paladins are where the rubber-meets-the-road: there is no hiding, no where to run, and I don't know how to bubble-hearth.  Oh crap, now I do because I read about it. LUPE OUT!

Okay -sorry. I dusted this post off because a dear paladin friend returned to the game, and I have also been thinking if I started playing again right now, what would be the first things I would do in MoP? Talk about overwhelming. I'm fairly certain he's done some of the rounds, but my advice was:
1. Clean out the bank and organize: keep gear you love, and mementos of course
2. Go talk to Varian
3. Be nice to Vol'Jin--he will be helpful.

I would also add enjoy the scenery, because it is magnificent. 

The other decision a player returning to the game will have to endure is whether or not to get to level 90 full-bore, because that is when the real "fun" begins. This is when we as players really need to decide if getting to end-game is more fun/important, or if the process/journey is. I'm at that cross-roads myself. My friend was surprised to find out that I was even still playing….STILL PLAYING? Oh Lord help me. I started tallying the Level 90s I've created, and the things I've done in game and out, and yes, yes I am still playing. My resolutions are being mentally crafted as we speak, and many of them do not include Azeroth.

In any case, onward, brave paladin. I have a few more posts in mind for this weekend, and the include one on oaths, and I have a druid story in mind. Those things I know I can keep aggro on.


  1. Oh! Cat's excited about the Druid story, can't wait! Still playing??? Anyone who knows that I play would be floored to find out I wasn't still playing. They'd think I'd just been given six weeks to live.

    Paladins are one of those classes I like in theory but I've never gone beyond level 45 with one, let alone a tank. And all my dpsers are afraid of LFR so they think you're pretty brave Luperci!

    1. Poor Luperci, Protector from Wolves and Ungemmed, may just have to sit for a bit longer. Ah well. At least I know where to find some paladin reading materials.


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