Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Glow

I have two other posts I am compelled to write today, but this must come first:

I have been trying to get this elusive beauty for some time: I agree, it's one of the most beautiful elementals. Cymre, you are wonderful---your writing and information is top-notch, and you are my go-to place for the best part of the game - beauty and fun. I wish I could do something for you--let me give it some thought! This little gem inspired me. Thank you so much, I love her!


  1. Anonymous24.12.13

    Elemental Cymre is beautiful! And I agree, real Cymre is wonderful too!

  2. Oh glad you like her. She's definitely the most beautifully coloured imo and it's hard to see the rare alive much less kill her on occasion.

    1. I love it - I'm going to play around with some mog ideas…. I will treasure this little one


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