Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Precious….

My next suggestion for Blog Azeroth are those things that spawn our personal kryptonite in Azeroth, things that may or may not be obvious. They are the events, the items, the game style, whatever, that causes even the strongest resolutions to dissolve. I have so many it's hard to choose, but one of them that I really need to examine is my love of changing guild names.

Poor Señor (I swear, I should change my friend's pseudonym not to just Señor, but Poor Señor). I have changed our little cottage guild name about six times. I was watching Lord of the Rings over this holiday, the director's cut, HD, etc., and let me first tell you it's worth it. Watching Peter Jackson's vision is worth every minute. It's become somewhat of a holiday tradition for me, I suppose. Anway, so at the end, where Saruman is on top of his tower after the Ents, Merry and Pippin vanquish him, and King Théoden tells him to shuddup and the line, 'gibbets and crows' is bandied about. A gibbet is a hangman's pole, a special kind, (see Darkmoon Faire outskirts), and a crow, well a crow is a bird. (I'm funny, huh?) So succumbing to my romantic Renaissance-y way I spoke out loud, "What a great name for a guild!" To the Internet!

So Gibbets and Crows it is for now, to remind me of that for all our glory, for all our work, there are some things that simply bring us to our knees. I'll try to keep this guild name for a while, unless of course Señor insist that it change: which is why he's one of the best guildmates ever - he just goes with the flow.

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  1. I love it! Now I want to have a Lord of the Rings moviefest!


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