Sunday, December 15, 2013

Solstice Advent Challenge: December 15

There is no other choice for today but something of incredible warmth and power: The Old Ladies Raiding Guild. Last night not only did we pull together five to get Tome's beginning of the Noodle Cart thingy (I really need to look this stuff up), but we managed to bring CD Rogue along to Firelands who truly just had fun. (He's still out of commission and has been feeling really low this past week.) He doesn't have Vent so of course the rest of the OLs had to suffer with me something yelling upstairs at him and then hitting the PPT button on accident. Sorry! Sorry! You don't need to hear me yelling at my cub to let the dog out or for CD Rogue to find the portal!

In any case, fun was had by all (though I do need to have a chat with my GM, who helped us tank the 5-man noodle run, about how we don't look at anything we do through the lens of estrogen versus testosterone balance. We just don't. It never crossed our minds. And believe when I say, that although this was the big "WOW" moment last night, the whole time we just have fun:

This dropped:

Congratulations Helke! 

Wow, if anyone is not warmed up by this, then we will check your pulse!

I have to underscore that we, in all of our self-effacing glory, are actually pretty skilled. If we don't remember mechanics or some other game function, I guarantee we, the Old Ladies, know how to work together; someone will know what to do, or what to try. We hold some natural tenants that I haven't seen in many group situations. Those include everyone contributing, everyone keeping a good attitude, appreciating it's the people around the gaming table, not the game.

And here is a beautiful song Dahahka shared with me:

We're in the ball pit together:


  1. That was super cool - her reaction was so sweet and happy - all good things!

  2. Congrats to Tome and Helke!

  3. Anonymous15.12.13

    Congrats guys. It must have been so exciting to see that mount drop and I think it would be worth it just to hear you guys on vent!

  4. Grats to Helke! How exciting!


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