Friday, December 20, 2013

Last-Minute Shopping: Order up your Twisted Nether!

Just in time for your holiday enjoyment, yes, it's official, I'll be on Twisted Nether this Sunday, December 22. The show begins at 8PM PST (my neck of the woods: late for you other folks on that side, early for you folks on the other side). Navimie and Tome thought I was keeping something from them, but I just got the official 'go' at 6:22 AM today. And unlike my best friend who bought her wedding dress before the question was popped (it all worked out, don't worry), I didn't want to be left with a no-return policy post. So check those credit card statements, and come spend some 'time is money' (no no, not real money) with me and the good people at Twisted Nether on Sunday. See you then!

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