Monday, December 23, 2013

Radio-Free Matty

Last night was a blast: the good folks, Filmlys and Hydra, over at Twisted Nether Blogcast made good on their word and invited me on their wonderful show. Of course, there's always that esprit d'escalier moment when I think of the things I should have said, and regret things I did. I'm sure my bumper-intro sounds totally goofy. Filmlys told me they have been trying to get the Godmother on, so I tried to do my best and sound knowledgable with a British accent before the recording, neither of which I am or have (knowledge or a British accent), but they'd just have to make do with me. I wish I could have given a shout-outs to Cymre,  in fact, all the bloggers who help me play WoW better, with more enjoyment. Tome and Navi, hope I didn't say anything too embarrassing, and as it turns out today is Big Bear's birthday, so that makes him a Capricorn just like CD Rogue. Interesting trivia, I guess! (/Pisces shrug) I've got a big birthday coming up myself in February, and I'm thinking as I countdown perhaps there may be a little less time spent in Azeroth, or at least find better balance. But when one is a Pisces, swimming against our own interests seems to overshadow common sense.

Because of the busy holiday week, they're not sure when it'll be available on their blog, but rest assured I'll let you all know. It was fun to read the side chatter in the comments for the live streaming portion, but did overload my limited multitasking skills. Don't know how those younguns' do it.

So what's on tap for today? Well, for some reason, (actually a very clear reason - CD Rogue got grumpy last night and I felt the need to talk it out until 2:30AM), I stayed up too late. I'll try to plow through some stuff, run those errands today, and maybe even try to get my own noodle cart. I want to give careful planning to the next OLRG run, and maybe, just maybe, take a nap.

Theme song: R.E.M./The One I Love


  1. Oh no! I wonder how long I'll have to wait to hear it! After trying to help my husband electrocute himself last night I was too tired to do anything but go to bed. As it turned out the new thermostat has a place for backup batteries so yay, don't have to call heat pump man and pay holiday rates, lol.

    This is going to kill me to wait to hear the show, and if you need a noodle cart partner let me know! I'm hoping I'll be back for a teensy, just a teensy bit after I bleh ... clean some more.

  2. I may take you up on that offer - the noodle cart, not electrocution, although….never mind. I asked Cymre if I sounded dumb and she said no, so I'll just let the podcast roll on. I think I waxed a bit philosophical, but hey, that's what I do. Glad to know you didn't have to get the heat pump man in during this time of year - why does that always happen that way? One of life's many mysteries.

  3. It was a bad time for me so I am going to wait for the download version so I can listen in my car. And stop putting yourself down they want you there because u are awesome and people want to hear you! And yesterday's solstice pic was lovely!

  4. Like I said before, it was a great interview. Glad you had fun and I was gobsmacked when I realised you were the one being interviewed. I thought it was a little odd that you were up that late and when you didn't respond to my pst in-game (I can see you in 2 places), I should have realised why :P

    It was also the first time I've heard your voice so I can now put a voice to the Blizzcon face :)


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