Friday, December 27, 2013

OLRG: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer Edition

Can't you see I'm busy killing dragons? 
All righty, Old Ladies Raiding Guild: I hope ya'll can join some brief fun tomorrow, Saturday, December 28th at 4PM Pacific Time. I have a full-on naughty/nice list going, so let's see what we can do:
Now, if we can get someone else to tank, I'd love to take a cloth-wearer to Firelands for some different moggy stuff.
  • Dragon Soul: Let's head over to visit Deathwing and shake him down for a bit next.
  • Sunwell, anyone? I tried to go in there on Mataoka the other day and still had my tail thoroughly handed to me on a platter, sushi-style. @#!!* Blood elves!
  • In the future, some Flex/Normal: One, just one Flex, not LFR: why? Because LFR stinks. I am taking my paladin. We will die. It will be okay. I'll make cookies.  From Icy Veins:
Please! Taking any requests, too -- Please let me know what you would like to do, where you want to go, and what you want to try - nothing is off-limits to old ladies.

In the comments' section of WoWHead, a player put this list together:
By Leishai (44,691 – 15·99·260on 2011/07/23 (Patch 4.2.0)Report
I made a list of gimmick items which you can use to transform your character into a different form or race or even gender to play around with. I didn't add items like weapons that provide a procc with a transform effect even though I know about them. My intention was to list all items with controlable transformations. Feel free to let me know if I missed an item!

Item Name:Transforms you into:Duration:Cooldown:
 Fandral's FlamescytheMolten cat while in cat form (Druids only)Til shifting out of form-
 Burning SeedMolten cat while in cat form (Druids only)Til shifting out of form2s
 Glyph of DisguiseAnyone you pickpocket (Rogues only)5m-
 Glyph of IllusionAnyone else (Mages only)2m30m
 Leyara's LocketDruid of the Flame5m1h
 Kalytha's Haunted LocketGhostly female Highborne30m15m
 Blessing of the Old GodQiraj20s10m
 Burgy Blackheart's Handsome HatGostly pirate gnomeTil unequipping the item-
 Orb of the Sin'doreiBlood elf5m30m
 Orb of DeceptionRace of opponent faction5m30m
 Bones of TransformationMale Naga20s10m
 Pygmy OilVoodoo gnome10m-
 Stave of Fur and ClawFurbolg3m1h
 Savory Deviate DelightNinja or pirate60m-
 Noggenfogger ElixirSkeleton30m-
 Gordok Ogre SuitOgre10m-
 Super Simian SphereGorilla in a bubble5m1h
 Iron Boot FlaskIron Dwarf10m1h
 Muradin's FavorFrost Dwarf10m30m
 Vial of the SandsSandstone DrakeTil cancelled-
 Heart of the NightwingObsidian NightwingTil cancelled-
 Potion of IllusionSomeone else2m-
 Winter Veil Disguise KitSnowmanTil cancelled-
 Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's RestBlue dragonTil cancelled-
 Dire BrewDark Iron DwarfTil cancelled-
 Wisp AmuletWisp20s10m
 Time-Lost FigurineArakkoa5m30m
 Lifegiving SeedRandom herbTil cancelled-
 Frenzyheart BrewWolvar5m30m
 Hook of the Master AnglerFishTil cancelled-
 Magic EaterBasilisk, locust, whelp, or whisp1m1s
 Underbelly ElixirWasp, Tuskarr10m-
 Rituals of the New MoonGiant wolf2m10m
 Rituals of the New MoonBlack wolf2m10m
 Rituals of the New MoonRed wolf2m10m
 Rituals of the New MoonWhite wolf2m10m
 Orb of the BlackwhelpBlack whelp15m-
 Faded Wizard HatApprentice of a different race30m30m
 Arcanite RipperGuitarist of the Tauren Chieftains10s1m
 Sun-Lute of the Phoenix KingGuitarist of the Tauren Chieftains10s1m
 Vrykul Drinking HornVrykul10m1s
 Kang's BindstoneStony appearance10m1h
 Ai-Li's SkymirrorLike a targeted player when using10m1h
 Mr. Smite's Brass CompassMister Smite30m2h
 Aqua JewelMakes you nearly invisible10m1h
 Krastinov's Bag of HorrorsDoctor Theolen Krastinov30m2h
 Hozen Beach BallBeach Clothes30m2h
 Shard of ArchstoneMogu stature5m2h
 Scotty's Lucky CoinForest Sprite10m10m
 Demon Hunter's AspectDemon Hunter5m30m

The following items you cannot get anymore. Only to complete the list.

Item Name:Transforms you into:Duration:Cooldown:
 Gnomeregan PrideGnomeregan Infantry (Alliance only)30m4h
 Darkspear PrideDarkspear Warrior (Horde only)30m4h
 Carved Ogre IdolRed Ogre10m10m
 Murloc CostumeMurloc costumeTil cancelled-
 Dartol's Rod of TransformationFurbolg3m1m
Last edited by Leishai on 2013/08/13 (Patch 5.3.0)


  1. I plan on coming and I'll do anything everyone wants to do! Even the dreaded Noodle Cart boss, lol!

    1. He turns out to be kind of a push-over - now that last scenario - I have no idea how to prepare for that. Am I supposed to have enough ingredients in my bags to make that stuff as I go? Yikes. Blizzard....sometimes you vex me.

  2. So this Saturday is my very last day at the life-sucking job - you all have a great time and I will be there next time for sure:)

    1. Awesome! That you will be there, not the life-sucking job. I'll be glad when that's done for you too! We'll get a reindeer warmed up for ya!

  3. That list of stuff is one of those awesome lists that kill bank space! Hope your raids go well ladies (and gents)

    1. That is no joke, Navi! Some of them can be stored in guild bank slots, but sheesh, we really need more space!

  4. I haven't had much time to tag along with the OLRG lately, but I should have more in the new year. I'm up for anything, and would be especially interested in going back to some older raids to collect missing achievements. Or even older current raids, like MSV.

    1. Welcome anytime! We do our best, and sometimes I even read the instructions…!


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