Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What the pho?

That joke is only funny if you know how to pronouce 'pho', Vietnamese noodle soup.

So, Ceniza.


Are mages naturally ADD/ADHD?

She* drags poor Señor into the Temple of the Jade Serpent, and then locks him out of the first boss. If not for that they probably could have two-manned the whole thing, but alas she figured so as to not waste any more of his time she'd drag a paladin friend in there, too. Nothing like having a paladin friend. It's their code or some such nonsense to protect and serve others, I suppose. Get through the thing no problem, the three of us, get the thingy to unlock the other thingy, and off Ceniza goes! Ports, anyone! Ports all 'round! Except she didn't do the group port but the single one, and left poor Señor behind. NEVER LEAVE A GOOD PRIEST BEHIND, Ceniza!

Maybe she was suffering from sun-stroke:

Get to the place in the Valley and go grab the things from the monkeys, (no, not THOSE things, the OTHER things!), and then off to the brewery to get beer (did you know there are international standards for beer tasting?! SIGN ME UP), and perhaps it was from the drunken pub crawl that Ceniza really lost it, and could not figure out how to actually make the noodle cart. Young leet druid looks over her shoulder and suggests she look in her recipes. Oh. Right. Cookbook. For a COOKING QUEST. Sure. Okay. Buy buy buy shop shop shop cook cook cook and Voila! (I get annoyed when folks write "walla" but that's just me)

Oh, and did I mention she kept Señor waiting on his other characters for gee, I don't know, about an hour waiting for this roach-coach? Yup. She managed to work up to the Deluxe Cart, and the last scenario will just have to wait. She peeked in there last night and realized it involves waiting tables. Now, I've waited tables. Tables of drunken frat boys and grabby townies. No thanks. Not that Ceniza isn't above a little hard work, no not at all -- she'll finish it up today but first she needs to change.

And Señor: thank you for your patience, the greatest gift of all. Want some soup? Wait, let me find that portal...

Want to help me get this one next? Sure! Sure you do!

*see how I switch into third person narrative when I don't want to take responsibility? Paging Dr. Freud!


  1. You know of course I googled until I found the correct pronunciation of pho, lol. Oh! Poor Señor! But you know, getting close to having that noodle cart in your grasp can make anyone forgetful.

    I never make mistakes, Cat makes them, Cim makes them, all my characters make them but not me. Uh-uh not me, it's them.

  2. That damn cart is more complicated than Christmas dinner - it's just going to have to wait for completion, but that's cool - saves me from the mall!

  3. I still haven't finished mine yet!

  4. Anonymous24.12.13

    oh wow, I had no idea there was anything like the ancient portal to Dalaran. My mage had to go up and get it as soon as I read this post. Thanks for putting the link up :)

    1. Z - Update - it was even easier than I thought - just walk right in, get a bunch of level 30s to lie down on the floor, get book, learn, DONE - so easy it was crazy!

  5. You can do it! I only recorded my successful attempt on the video though as it took a while to work out how to do it more efficiently. Oh and that ancient portal is fun, until you try and play a prank on someone (having not played your mage for ages) and then have the joke backfire.


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