Sunday, December 29, 2013

OLRG: The good, the bad, and the Fading Twilight

Prinnie tried to warn Kellda the Warlock, but did she listen?! NoooOOOooooo….
Before I type one more keystroke: Thank you so much PlaidElf for talking your hubby into tanking for us. I am offering my apologies, because I am sometimes one of "those players," and he really should send me his gold repair bill. I'll have my minions take care of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I hope he joins us again.

And YOU, yes YOU FANDRAL. You are a TERRIBLE DRUID AND ARE BAD AND SHOULD FEEL BAD…oh, ahem, sorry, sorry! Just drop the damn staff already, all right? Please? For Tome, and then for Momokawa? Come on, man! Pull it out of your, you know, druid pockets, the one where you keep your leafy greens and kitty shapes and let it go! There, Tome, that should do the trick. Yelling always helps.
Fandral, I shall crush you! DROP THE STAFF.
Now, the good: Cymre joined us on a level 90 Alliance Disc Priest she had tucked away…poor thing, all good and blue and Stormwindy and stuff--but came along she did, and of course took awesome screenshots! (Which reminds me, I really need to figure out this UI crud…) I could only greed on a gorgeous dagger, but since Cymre didn't know and thought since no one needed on it no one wanted it, it was disenchanted. *sob* so pretty…my precious….so pretty….Oh well, over it. Because it wasn't her fault: we all agreed that Blizzard, when content is this passé, should really take away the class/spec requirements on mogging loot. Just sayin.' And we would all love to do old stuff on either Horde/Alliance side, and get over this us/them thing. I know it's important for lore in current or recent content, but for real id and battle-tag friends, we're just not that interested. I think it would be kick-ass to play alongside a troll priest while my draenei shaman chops stuff up, because I know under the pixel is a friend, not foe. That could even be a whole new era of achievements, the "Let's Just Get Along" boon.

But wait…there's more! Because I learned the greatest thing of all, that these meta-achievements, these cross-all-characters, account-wide awesomesauce includes…wait for it…chieves for mounts! So, if I take one character in there for say, oh Only the Penitent (which is a royal pain in the toukas), it will count! I took Kellda in there last night, not Mataoka, and we did the Bucket List one, which was grand fun!

Do you realize what this means?!? My time leveling 90s means more chances to check off the last two! Have you all not figured out as much as I love pets, the mounts…the mounts….must…have…more…ponies….my precious ponies….

This is a screenshot from Repgrind's blog (used with hopeful permission):

And there's more!
Look - look at all the potential ponies out there:

So, talk about a checklist for OLRG. Let's get those staffs and ponies! All your ponies belong to us!

Now, Prinnie worries. And rightfully so. Her adorable voice in Vent cheerfully and enthusiastically tells us fight strats and know-how I would otherwise ignore. There are some players who hate dying, who take it personally (looking at you, Turk) who wince at the grey-shadowed run-back of shame that ensues from each graveyard. And there are some players (yours truly) who treat the reincarnated spirits as if they were a never-ending gobstopper, until of course we turn big, blue, and bulbous from our impatience and grabbing the chewing gum.

Sure, I hate the time wasted from wipes and death, and yes, am resentful over gold repair costs (Timeless Isle, watch out!) but I am definitely of the "let's try it" school. I'm not sure if Prinnie knows I actually know more than I let on with my exhurberance, (okay, stupidity, ignorance, and impulsivity). It's part of my charm, mmkay? Sure! That's it! Charming….


….and then it all came back to me.

….why so many guilds crumbled under the weight that was Cataclysm's end game….

….why so much nerd-rage and arrogance topped the player-meters (some data cannot be mined in World of Logs)*

Effing Dragon Soul.


My UI isn't right. Young leet druid has suggested I tear down and rebuild, AGAIN, from elvui and clean out my WTF folder and and and ugh, but I'll be damned, the cast bar for the boss was missing and my timing was HUGELY off, in fact non-existent. We gave it a shot, hoping we could simply overpower game mechanics and kill Ultraxion.  He really….
….just ugh.
Ultraxion, I shall stab at thee with dull scissors! 

Okay. Enough of that. Next Saturday, same time, same bat-channel: 4PM Pacific. If Cymre or Navimie show up, as CD Rogue says every time you hear an Aussie accent you must do a shot, and God help you if you hear about a shark attack reported with an Aussie accent: that's two. Thank you so much for joining us Mr. and Mrs. Amateur - we'll get that rogue thingy for you - just bring him from the start, no worries. We're all about making dreams come true, we here at the OLRG. And stabbing things with scissors.

Oh, and watched a phenomenal movie the other night: Sound City. Off to buy the soundtrack now.

*Note to self: figure out a magical way to track nerd rage and arrogance


  1. As always it was a lot of fun and I promise to study for next week. Maybe I should even update the few addons I have to this century too.It was wonderful to see everybody and damn that Ms.PlaidElf is a good looking Night Elf. Oh no, now Cat's expanding her interest to Night Elf Males!

    1. HOLD UP THERE - fine then, fine. There are plenty of night elf males in the sea, I'm sure. Yes, it was a lot of fun - we're a good group, elite in our ability for awesomeness, if I do say so myself! Till we meet again Ultraxion! He's the one who should be worried!

    2. Tyl is now far too pleased with himself. XD All this female attention is going to his head. (But he is a pretty good looking Night Elf if I do say so myself :) )

  2. Thank you for the invite Matty. It was fun, I'd be happy to tag along again. I too still need a couple achieves for Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider and many more for the Glory of the cataclysm Raider.

  3. Oh no! That's a shame about the dagger. I only greeded myself since that's an alt. There was a staff I was eyeing but would much rather see it go to a main than my alliance toon (who was shadow yesterday - was my DPS really that bad that you couldn't tell? LOL) I was spot healing/bubbling for the kite though.

    That top gif was perfect! I'm always up for achievements but you should know that by now :D

    1. We LOVED having you both there -never worry about that. Mog needs trump all -and I never, ever look at dps/etc., on those.Recount and Skada are shut down. If anything,we are kind of antithesis of most raiding runs.We only get upset if someone wants to go and they don't. I hope you and Starre can go more often!

  4. The hubby had fun and he did not complain at all, so I am fairly certain he wasn't frustrated. :D Fairly sure he'll come again when he's free sometime too. I know I certainly had a blast and it was awesome seeing everybody again. I'm definitely game for more achievement runs and we will get Ultraxion! I think I'm going to have to make sure DBM is on for that one because I am not sure that -my- timing wasn't entirely out of whack for that fight too.
    I still wish we could do cross-faction runs, but maybe Tyl is glad we can't since it means he gets to run around with all sorts of lovely ladies and not have to worry about forfeiting his place to some blood elf paladin or another.

    1. Well it was grand fun - always appreciate the assistance. I think cross-faction stuff would be really fun--but alas…we'll just have to wear our Diplomat titles and see what we can do.


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