Friday, December 20, 2013

OLRG: Cabana Boys and Sunscreen Run (postponed)

There is this weird phenomenon in my area of the globe: all other places will close down, stay safe, make accurate decisions based on inclement weather, yet, my little bubble of employment pretends it is not affected by snow, ice, or other issues, and expects us to climb aboard our dog sleds and make it in. Now, I have lived in many places that snow, a lot. And before you start making fun of us wimpy Seattlelites because we don't "know how to drive in snow," I also challenge anyone to drive on roads that are narrow, buffeted by big trees and even deeper ditches on both sides, hilly, and curvy. In any case, my winter holiday is coming a day early because legitimately I need to drive CD Rogue to an appointment, and that's that. That gives me lots of time to do all those things I've been putting off, like:

1. Thanking Zwingli for the awesome Death Adder! I tried to name him ZigZag, but Blizz said it was inappropriate. Probably because ZigZag also means:

So I named her Ziggy instead:
Thanks again, Z! 

2. My Dwarf friend: where have you been?

3. Dahahka has sent me a sleigh-ful of awesome music links. I'll give them a listen and pass 'em onto you.

4. I am doing the Furtive Father thingy. Will have time. Yes, sweet, sweet time.

5. I am curious: does New Zealand really smell like this? I mean, seriously. Are we Yanks importing scents of "Englewood, Colorado," or "Portland, Maine" to you? I'm sorry. It smells like clean Hobbit toilets and springtime.  Speaking  of which: How to Prepare a Feast Fit for a Hobbit

6. Christmas cards. Real ones. Not just Facebook updates.
7. Holy amazing posts, Erinys:
8. (actively ignoring an issue)
9. Better go water the Christmas tree. Oh, and here's a picture of my front-porch guardian, Mr. Squirrel:

10. And full circle: Old Ladies, I have an event I need to attend tomorrow in Seattle, and won't be able to host OLRG; however, please feel free to make merry and mischief as you see fit, and I will definitely be around on Sunday, December 23rd. I would love to go back to Firelands since we slice through that place so fast, try it on heroic, and then go hang out with the beautiful people in Sunwell. What say you?


  1. I'd love to try it on Heroic if I'm around when you do it. That Dwarf is there he's just not talking to us, must be a Dwarf thing. Sweet Elune, does Mr. Clean have no decency! Stop bottling New Zealand! Free New Zealand! We don't stand for this!

    1. It may be an Illuminati-type conspiracy on the part of the Hobbits…shifty lot, those


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