Friday, December 13, 2013


I stopped myself from my post this morning. It was tough. It was one of those, "Here, let me dump all my real life stress into one little fantasy blog and see if I can break it." While at work, and I never do this, I happened to check Mataoka's stuff that she can sell on the AH. The Armory app looks at everything in your mailbox, too --and there was a Pierre.

A Pierre.

So as fast as I could drive home, I checked it, and sure enough, a Pierre from Tome.

I don't want to write too much more because I have to drive someone somewhere now and I'm starting to cry.

Thank you, Tome. I love it.


  1. That Ancient is a wonderful person :D

    1. She is indeed, like someone else I know! :)

  2. I hope he helped brighten your day!


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