Friday, January 18, 2013

An apple for Gina...

While I was in a parking lot yesterday, I saw this in the back of someone's truck. Oh, goody! An apple for Gina, and some of those little sprite shoes, too! This will help my reputation with both the Tillers and Cloud Serpents! Hooray! The socks are grey items, though, so I'll just vendor those.

Or is this just one more sign that I play too much WoW?

Hey, whatever. Got revered with the August Celestials, so now I can do this:
Onto exalted so I can get a pretty black dragon. Maybe I'll find some more crane feathers in the back of a Toyota tomorrow!


  1. The Kunzen Hozen wear Crocs??? 0.0

    1. WRB snappy comeback...that was hilarious

  2. That would be WTB...

    And I need to link Tome's post on dark soil...the details are slipping away too fast these days!

  3. I would have thought the same thing. I think it's the Sprites that wear the Crocs, lol!

  4. I would have thought those shoes would have been too big for the sprites but it probably belongs to the one in the cave... wait he's the one that makes us friggin huge isn't he?


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