Sunday, January 13, 2013

Collective Creations...

I have been scribbling some collective nouns for Azeroth:

A Mortar of Death Knights
A Forage of Forsaken
A Grove of Druids
A Valor of Warriors
A Bakery of Mages
A Nirvana of Monks
A Mantra of Monks
A Lunar of Worgens
A Vault of Goblins
A Totem of Shamans
A Gloam of Warlocks
A Flagon of Dwarfs

There are more...I'm sure I wrote them down somewhere....


  1. Ha A Flagon of Dwarfs cracked me up!! What about "A Meditation of Monks"??

    Very creative of you though, my brain gives up on stuff like that most of the time.

    1. I love it! I will edit the post because I want anyone to add to the list - I know I have more written on scraps, etc. - we Azerothians are a clever lot!

  2. I think you mean
    A Shadow Council of Warlocks

  3. I just love the word gloam, but yes that works!


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