Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rock and roll lobster....

In the deep briny ocean, next to a forgotten cove
There lives a cranky oyster, who holds a treasure trove
Fight off a shark or two, no lasers this time
And the reward will be yours if you commit this small crime

Just fly down to Rikkitun Village, and do the Sprite Hop
Dive down deep with some friends until the oyster pops
Swim away fast, don't dawdle or delay
The boon is worth it if I really must say

Got to hand it to Blizzard, because when it comes to fun
No one else does like they do under the Azerothian sun
Don't let dailies or rep grinds ever get you down
Cause when there's naked Draenei no one could possibly frown!

All my blog buddies have been posting the funniest stats. Well I'll share one with you: it is probably pretty clear that 'sexy draenei' comes up quite a bit. Here is my contribution to the images that may appear at the top of the heap:

That post had by far the most views at 259 to date. Makes you wonder what folks are looking for.

Theme song: Going to a Clambake

While looking up this Elvis Presley classic, I came across another lexicon delight in Urban Dictionary. As always, click on Urban Dictionary at your own risk.

And of course: Rock Lobster


  1. Looking good Matty

    1. That was grand fun - will have to do this on alts now too! (Although maybe not the Worgen....)

  2. Draenei on a clam shell, perfect! And you warned me but noooo ... I had to look! I'm beginning to think there are NO words that don't mean something else in the Urban Dictionary. Have to watch it, who knows what I'm saying.

    1. Of course you had to look, such as I was compelled to look, and click, and oh dear...but you know what I think? No matter what cleverness folks think they can come up with, you and I could probably write the authoritive "needs eye soap" dictionary!


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