Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 3: The List-ening

Luckycricket sits on bread and waits.

The list:

1. Finish Ceniza's cooking achievement
2. One more exalted on Mataoka/tabard
3. Fist weapons for Mataoka 
4. Jewel crafting panther mounts
5. More Darkmoon cards! Pick all the things!
6. Pants for Zep (must be nicer to Klaxxi)
7. Level Luckycricket the Gnome Monk of Perfection to Level 85 for the Fire and Blood Guild. Remember those guys? The ones with the funny trade chat guild recruitment ad? They are just as funny and nice as they have said. I think it's only when one tries to start raiding with guilds that things go sour.
8. Level Kellda the Wistful Warlock to 90, and really see what she can do.
9. February: Luperci.

The real list:
1. Run Karazhan over and over and over and over until Attunmen takes a breathalizer test and gives me designated driver duty.
2. Run Stratholme over and over and over until Lord Rivendare admits he's not man enough for such a cool dead goat pony.

Am I finding balance in my break? Finding what I am searching for? Perhaps. But there's still a scourged whelping out there who's going to be very, very sorry.
trying to be all Zen and shit...

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