Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RTMT: AOE, PVP, BYOB: Understand?

These are a Blood Elf and Human Warlock in disguise as hedonistic British women.

Dealing with communication or lack thereof is my area of expertise. And, yes, in some ways I have capped out on expertise +22 agility with a proc ratio of 3:2. What? What the hell am I talking about? Well, nonsense really, but for my WoW compadres, most of you know I am using the jargon of Azeroth. I heard this story the other day, and thought it was intriguing: In a Fragmented Universe, Can Pop References Still Pop? The thesis is that because of our increased media feedings and offerings, we don't always get cultural/pop references like we used to. And, it made me feel better, too, because I don't and catch watch every new show out there, and some I just flat-out refuse, like Bad Girls Club or The Jersey Shore. But even though I've never seen them, I know of them, and sure as hell know what a "Snookie" is or South Park's reference to her (which was disturbing). I know there has been a small amount of snobbery in myself when I get references in Absolutely Fabulous or the IT Crowd. Playing WoW, and becoming a "better"* player, was largely in fact that over these few years of playing I have had to speak the language and become more fluent in Azerothian.
This is a gnome engineer, a human mage, and a night elf rogue in disguise.
Think about how many times you've heard from a more seasoned player about "back in Vanilla," etc., those who remember how raids, loot, dailies, etc. were, and remember the hit caps from five tiers ago. I am not nearly that fluent, and sometimes put both my fingers in my ears and do a "lalallalalalalaICANTHEARYOU" motion, but some of the facts and figures, and cultural references are fascinating.

Maybe that's how a guild also survives or not, not just the leadership, but when you feel like others "get" you? Just being understood is sometimes what love means. 'Nuff said.

* "Better" is qualitative, because I'm still kind of dork.


  1. OMG! You got Eddy and Patsy just perfect!

  2. I think I may keep them in my mental pocket all day today and people will wonder why I am spontaneously smiling!

  3. I have to be honest, while I read you post I felt like Charlie Brown listening to his teacher....it was all "whawh whawh whawh". My mind was focused on the fact that you posted images of two of my favorite shows, 'AbFab' and 'IT Crowd'. Moss is the best!!!

    "Stop doing this, you're always doing this, you're making it go back in!"

    1. I have that effect on folks! And yes I have a huge crush on Moss...too damn funny!


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