Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 6 & 7: Catching Up

Underground Volcano Lairs are not all they're cracked up to be...

These past few weeks I have had that overwhelming sense of not being on the 'right' day - you know that sensation? Where you swear it's Tuesday when it's Wednesday? Even this morning I thought it was Monday the 27th, but it's Monday the 28th, and have appointments, and things, and I not only double-booked, but triple-booked. It just dawned on me that the reason my circadian and chronological rhythms are screwy are because I've been on Azerothian time way too much. No wonder why my pacing has been fractured!

Well, damn and double-damn - here is what I learned from my few days of AFK:

On the seventh day RNG made server restarts, and the light shone upon them all. 

I can do it if I need to. And it is good. 

When I stepped hoof back in there, it was so cool to see my friends again. Just --happy! My buddy Krasher was busy pet battling, and had a grand surprise:

He had obtained the Anubisath Idol and rounded out the Raiding with Leashes, so Mr. Bigglesworth, you are MINE! BUT THAT IS NOT ALL! He handed over the cage to a Porcupette: it had all its shots and papers! (It was leveled, in other words!)

That is about the cutest damn thing I've ever seen. He also had an extra Water Spirit hanging around, so  yeah-- it is very important to keep friendships/trades balanced, so when I am on going to see how I can return the favor.

But lest you think I'm all about the "stuff," nay, my friends --it was just cool that folks seemed genuinely happy to see me, too, as glad as I am in seeing them!

What did I learn, again? Oh yes. That if I need to go AFK for awhile I can. That is huge. That sense of some self-control, no matter how small or a delusional, just made me feel better overall. Now to try to be in the Moment of Monday, whatever that means.

Postscript: Mr. Bigglesworth is friggin' AWESOME.

Oh, and that money I owe baby druid for playing? I never welch on a bet.


  1. There, see. You found the game does not own you, you own the game! Sometimes though I have to admit it's hard for me to tell.

    Porcupette is so cute, what a wonderfully nice Dwarf!

  2. I must admit I did have a tough time extricating myself this morning, and I am going to try not to play on weeknights (I've said this before). But as I told someone this morning, it's like junk food. In small amounts, fun and satisfying -- too much, and well, yeah. So just a small WoW diet, that's all! :)


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