Thursday, January 31, 2013

y u need?

Kay asked me if I had a priest tonight. Yes, yes I do. She found a pretty wand for transmog and wanted to know if I wanted it - very sweet! I had one like it, the standard-issue fairy godmother single-action glitter star model made with bronze tubing buffed to a shine by used mage robes and spouts an infinite stream of wishes and dreams.

And-- it made me think -- what the hell happened to the wand promise?

I thought -- did I hear that right -- we can equip wands in our main hands and go pew pew with them? Come to think of it, I haven't seen a single wand in any of the loot items.

Sigh. Great.

Now I have something else to research.

BUT IN THE MEANTIME: Ninja Cricket was doing some of her dungeon-y things. Greed on this, greed on that...but... little leather halter top comes up and she hits need.

This-- this upset the entire dungeon. "y u need?' they inquire. Yes, she can wear leather. Yes, there is a need button for a reason. I "needed" the sexy little leather top, folks. So, yeah, I'm a ninja. Whatever.

All's fair in love and mog.

Recha the Draenei Monk is going to see if she can get one. Think there's one in her size.

PS Wands. I want more wands.


  1. Iocane1.2.13

    So...I'm a LW. Who has a yen for fun xmog patterns. You should let me know if you ever want anything made. :D

    1. Oh yeah I have a leatherworker too. Much more fun to be a ninja. Thank you for trying to keep me honest; many have tried.

    2. Iocane2.2.13


      I wasn't super trying to keep you honest, I promise. More like trying to give you even more venues to get your xmog through. I'm a huge addict for it, so I'm always happy to spread the love. :D

      And really? If you're gonna be a ninja, of COURSE it has to be on your monk. It's practically RP! ;) We'll have to run BT together when you get high enough, so that we can try and get you the blindfold helm.

    3. See, that's why I adore you! You encourage my ninja-y-ness!


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