Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day Crazy Eight: Matty Inside Out

Day Eight: Ten Things You Don't Know About Me. After over 1,000 posts I am not sure there isn't much you don't know about me. Let's list a few adjectives, shall we? Impulsive, opinionated, selfish, sometimes ninja-super-secret-double-agent-noob shaman.

But I'll give it a shot.

10. I wish this was my title:

Thanks for the idea, Erinys, and I love your post, too.

9. Sometimes I wish I never started playing WoW.
8. I can't read the second chapter of Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie without sobbing.
7. I like In'n'Out french fries better than the hamburgers.
6. I kind of hope there is reincarnation, and that I get to remember the good stuff from this turn around the wheel.
5. Only those born in Texas understand its beauty.
4. I wish there were fireflies in Washington State.
3. Fairly convinced at this point I've plateaued with my Azerothian abilities.
2. I am going to make it my mission to figure out how Tome does this.
1. I have brown eyes, so yes, am full of you-know-what.

The Crazy 8s (must have been Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo fans...)

Veruca Salt/Seether


  1. Sprout would kill to be "Sproutling the rabble rouser"! Blizzard definitely need to implement this. We need more titles in-game.

    I suspect we can all sympathize with 9 at times :D

    1. Maybe the good souls at Blizz will consult us wise women! Get on it, people! I would also like to add "A Handful"

  2. You know what's frightening is that I can't really remember what life was like BEFORE I played WoW. What did I do? Did I knit? I haven't a clue.

    And it's a combination of wow model viewer and Adobe Premiere that makes dance parties!

    1. Now I just need a working PC for the WoW model viewer, and I'm all set! LOL I'm not sure what I did either. I think I drank a lot, and knitted.

    2. But what we really need to know is how he got the nickname "Bubbles..."


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