Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Doctor, doctor...

Mishka is our kindly Draenei doctor, healing all brave wounded Alliance. I really dig her style -- those glasses, the camo boots, and pauldrons; however, I am a little concerned about her bloody gloves. That cannot be hygienic. Hope you had your tetanus shot.

There are all kinds of good (and bad) doctors in Azeroth. There was one in Theramore, Dr. VanHowzen,  who had you quickly heal soldiers, called Triage, and you received a certificate, kind of like summer medical school. When I went to look some up, these doctors made the Google ranks: Dr. Weavil, Dr. Razorgrin, Witch Doctor Zum'rah, to name a few. I think it would be interesting to have more quests for our specializations; I do kind of miss the interactions between our trainers some days, though I must admit I love getting new spells on the fly. Leveling is so incredibly fast now, with heirlooms, guild buffs, etc., but like good medical training, being a good player does take time, and I have often wished for more of these interactions.

And, we players have to keep track of so many things:

I think my friend Krasher was trying to see if we were paying attention.

Theme song: Calling Dr. Love/Kiss


  1. My fave in game doctor is Bom'bay, witch doctor in training in Sen'jin village. Always worth a smile to get a hangnail cure from him!

    1. Paging Dr. Bombay! I will go give him a visit: I am experiencing higher than usual number of hangnails lately. Must be something going around! :)

  2. All the times I've seen Mishka and I've never noticed her gloves! And now that I don't have to do his quest I miss that sadistic Dr. VanHowzen.

    Oh no!I've been reforging for dirty diapers ahead of banana smoothies! How embarrassing!

    1. To be fair, she probably had her mitts fingers-deep in the guts of a fallen soldier. That was a terrible quest, wasn't it? But hey, nostalgia is a huge balm...


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