Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What was that? Think it was a Gilnean Raven!

I LOVED this story on NPR the other day:

One of the drawbacks to playing in a high-traffic area of the Matty-shack are the interruptions into game immersion. I love the sounds in Azeroth - from the music, the bird calls, the growls and haunting tormented souls in Naxxramus. (Keep it down, sister! I'm trying to get loot here!)

When the game comes back on line today, I'll be running errands. But that's cool. The only sounds I don't care for are the theme songs of the Shrine - a bit twangy for me, like Tome's response to the doctor's office music.  Some things are better left off.

Joe the Talking Crow

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  1. Sigh. I get to not have to put kids to bed and servers are down for a looong time. And no starcraft either. Well lucky me matty and tome have been writing to help me through the shutdown by giving ke stuff to read.


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