Monday, February 11, 2013

Day One: Please allow me to introduce myself...

Day One
Throughout my career I have had to do the dreaded "ice breaker" activity umpteen times. The protocols vary, but the nefarious outcome is the same: I present a snapshot of my inner workings to strangers and try my best to charm them immediately: I see a room full of cobras, and my witty repartee is the flute. Yes, sometimes I get bitten. But I bite back.

The standard ice breaker is to make a tri-fold tent card from card stock, usually buff in color (whose buff it's hard to say: the chapped fanny of a Dwarf? Perhaps.). The directions are clear: there is an assortment of colored markers in a dollar-store plastic bucket, and encouragement of creativity. Oh, and there are Sharpies. Lots and lots of Sharpies. I write my name in a florid style, usually big chunky letters, and on the inside we, the captive audience of meeting attendees, are instructed to write something about ourselves. Damn, now I'm thinking I wish I had kept all those tent cards throughout the years, I could have published a coffee table book!

Anyway - moment of truth: Or is it? Do I expose who I really am on Day One, or just keep my avatarial self in character?

I am a woman, with a life, who plays World of Warcraft, mostly in secret. Some things you just don't bring up in mixed company. If I've let you in a bit more, it's not because I'm shutting others out. I just want Azeroth to be Azeroth, and real life to stay somewhat on that side of the threshold. If I pop the thin membrane between my inner rich life and my sometimes impoverished outer one, I am left with--not much.

I'm in just have to look
Oh, and I heard this song this morning and loved it:

Thrift Shop/Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (NSFW)


  1. ... I'm a woman of wealth and taste ... you know I had to immediately go to YouTube so I could listen while I read the post. I'll try Thrift Shop next!

    1. So glad you got the Stones reference! I know that song, Thrift Shop, has lots of bad language, but once in awhile, gotta pop some tags and put on your granddad's style...

  2. Hi, pleased to meet you :)


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