Monday, February 18, 2013

Day Nine, Ten, and Randomness

Time to hit the blog peddle on this one.

Day 9 is your first blog post. Let's just skip that.
Day 10 are favorite blogs/websites. Let's just say I got an i-phone so I could read what I want about Azeroth during my breaks at work.
Day 11: Bad habits and flaws: Nail biter, cry-baby, impulsive, flirty mess. And those are on my good days.
Day 12: Usual Day: Will get back to you. But it involves coffee.
Day 13: See Day 10.
Day 14: This upsets me: Just watched Samsara the other evening. Pretty much summed up my concerns that we are de-evolving. Although, the film did have great contrast, and the last scene did put me in such a meditative state; it was hypnotic.
Day 15: Desktop background on my computer:  It changes, but if you're looking for something cool, may I suggest:
Day 16: Things you miss, post Cataclysm: Just some friends, and nothing "just" about that.
Day 17: Favorite spot in game:'s a secret.
Day 18: Favorite outfit: Well I can't choose one, but let's say Mataoka shifts between the fiery reds and the calm greens/blues, Haanta just obtained Little Red's cloak recently which looks smashing with her wolf, Lobito, and Zep flucuates between sinner and saint:

Day 19: In your bags and bank:

Day 20: Deserves a post all its own. To follow later this week.


  1. I can't be sure but it looks like you have a whole horse stuffed in your bags, lol! Now how did you manage that!

    1. HAHA! I was laughing at that, too! That would be one fabulous 'pony keg' obtained from Brewfest activities. It magically brings up a little pony with beer kegs to share with one and all. What's sad is this doesn't even include my banker, Mookimook, who's just about fed up with me, or my Void Storage vault. Zep better get busy and make that dozen Imperial SIlk with a 24-hour cool down for larger bags. At this rate, I'll have enough bag space when patch 7.9 comes out! I know I should just clean them out, but two reasons: I hate trying to re-obtain something, and second, many of those are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced. I may never use my grandmother's china, but doesn't mean it goes in the garbage...and one never knows when it may be the right time to share the pony keg...!


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