Friday, February 15, 2013

Days: All Sixes and Sevens

Day Six and Seven are dedicated to workplace photo and reasons behind blog's name:

Well, my cell phone is updating now, so, um, yeah, can't take a photo of my work/desk area.

But remember when I made it all pretty?
Let's just say it still looks like this.

And in my search for my desk photo, I found this old goody:

I remember long queues, before I started healing a lot. Kind of miss that. I know, I know - I can find anything to complain about.

Why Sugar & Blood? It's from Sugar and Spice and everything nice, but girls/women love to whack virtual pixels, too, ergo the blood. Most folks think it's a blog for diabetes, which is fine.

And in my sixes and sevens, all messed up and confuse-yness, wanted to share an amazing band:

Vintage Trouble


  1. I'm so glad to see someone else with a cheat sheet of spells stuck to their desk...yay!...I'm not the only one!!

    And, curry flavored mints? Hmmmm, sounds...interesting? I'm not all that crazy about curry. It's good in small doses. Not sure I'd enjoy it in "mint" form. But I'd be willing to give it a taste. FedEX one to me???? lol

    That band is good. Kind of threw me though. Didn't expect that style of music by looking at their outfits. Will have to hit up YouTube to find more of their stuff.

    I liked your riddle about tanking (the one about the dwarf was funny too). It's pretty much the same reason why I ended up giving tanking a try. Shorter que times are a wonderful thing. Now, if I could only get past the LFD/LFR mentality so I could get more use out of my tank toons.

    1. Those mints are not good. If you want me to FedEx you something, I'd have to make it something that one can only get in Washington State, but don't think the 520 Floating Bridge will fit. You can have the Aquaduct, though. It's coming off in chunks!

      I really did intend to take an updated pix, but yes, cheat sheets all 'round! :)

  2. OMG! You are so good at this! I love them! Going to go get it on iTunes.

    And your desktop is so much nicer than mine. Right now it's littered with unpaid bills that have coordinates for rares written on them.

    1. Vintage Trouble is the shiz-nit, girlfriend! Now let's go DANCE!

  3. Oh your desk looks fine and gamey! Hmm yes those mints...


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