Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RTMT, II: Going backwards to move forwards

1. Find out where to get a Valorous Kirin Tor Tunic:

Back to Ulduar, I suppose.

2. Find out more about Ysondre and Taerar's connection:

This WoW-wiki page says Ysondre's location is unknown. Baloney! She's RIGHT THERE in Feralas! My goblin warlock Kaajinn saw her yesterday, and even helped kill a dragon for her!

Playing on the Horde side for a bit is interesting, but -- and this is a huge dorky but--Kaajin felt a huge amount of internal conflict over killing Alliance soldiers and lieutenants. She may not do that again.

3. Finish the Leyara's Locket quest chain on Zeptepi. Yes, this means back to the Molten Front. This is why I wish all goodies and equipment were BOA. I know - silly me. But --maybe that's not best. It is

4. Write those RP back stories. Gotta go back and do some more research.

5. Write a story about the star-crossed lovers in Karazhan: (no I did not write this link)

Just curious: what have been some of your favorite things to "go back to?" I'm beginning to believe that progression is not all it's cracked up to be, but wandering throught the kaleidoscope of stories and lore - a very rich world indeed!


  1. Someone has been busy while servers are down...

    1. Sorry for all the posts, Navi - it was a perfect storm of: one, servers down; two, had lots of back-post ideas, and three, I'm on vacation this week. But you get a reprieve because I'm off to appointments, etc. I'll just take my Kindle and read and highlight more passages for the blog...!


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