Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jeni Won the Internet...

Everyone, give up. It's over. See comment from Goblins & Gnomes, etc.:

What? Trolls smell? (Shawndra sniffs in the general direction of her armpit, accidentally sticking her sword up some poor bystander's nose) Didn't notice :D I'm sure Delgada has a lovely embalming fluid smell about her, left over from the preservative they gave her upon rising from the tomb. Have to preserve what's left of her girlish figure, right? I imagine Carlatta smells like old sweat and dust. Durotar was a hot place to grow up, and you don't leave your home without some kind of accent. Lulubelle, well, warm cow is a familiar smell. She doesn't hang out near the manure pile, so I think her slight beastly odor is augmented by the smell of freshly "mowed" grass. As for the blood elves I try not to name, if they smell of anything less than the most expensive perfume, no one would dare tell them for fear of what magic doom might befall them.

Trolls, from lore in and out of game, are very dirty creatures. They eat raw meat, they live in mostly unimproved shelters, they hang out under bridges and exact tolls. Would they be as fearsome if they smelled like rain water and kept their hair in more civilized style than dreadlocks?


  1. Aww, Matty, you are too kind to this old gal :)

    1. Just thought the good people should know. :)


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