Monday, December 16, 2013

I believe.

Please: don't be offended. One of my more secular friends posted this image of Santa kneeling next to the Baby Jesus, and I asked CD Rogue if he would make some additions. It just didn't seem complete. He was supposed to make the Draenei a angel-priest, but Zeptepi was too busy doing stuff to be bothered with a photoshoot. Oh, whatever--mage, magi, you say tomato"e" and I say tomat"a". In any case, Baby Jesus seemed fussy with just creepy, sleeping, kneeling Santa by his manger, and was wondering where the Hot Wheels and PS-4 was, (what the hell is a baby supposed to do with bath salts and crap?) when the other Heroes of All Things Fantasy came to his baby rescue. Now, you know I'm too much of a coward to repost this on Facebook and offend folks. There are some people who take their Baby Jesus/Santa vignettes seriously, the same ilk who post daily prayers for i-phones dropped in toilets and having the patience to go Christmas shopping. (I sh*t you not, good people. True stories.)

Me? What self-righteous garbarge do I pray for? Not a darn thing. To me, big-time spirits are not wishing vending machines. That's what Azeroth is for. I got my Great Father Winter gift - and on a mage no less, Ceniza:

Don't let him near the manger, however. He makes a terrible role model.


  1. I love it! I've saved it and I may frame it so I can add it to my collection of icons who keep me company every day. That lucky Ceniza! Four tries so far and no Rotten Little Helper but it's a new day so maybe my luck will change!

  2. I'm going to keep trying too. You just can't have enough Rotten LIttle Helpers around this time of year!

  3. What an eclectic group of characters. Congrats on the pet.

  4. Dahakha18.12.13

    Christianity would be so much cooler if Jesus rode a unicorn. I bet the Romans wouldn't have crucified him if he'd summoned his unicorn mount and pranced through Jerusalem on it.


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