Sunday, April 24, 2011

Don't tase me, bro:

Not sure what to think of this:

In real life, there are political parties and unions. I have often thought that a union, a really good union, would function as a guild of yore, or perhaps just a romanticized view of what I imagine a guild was like. Guilds, which is a synecdochic term for its members, would help assist widows and orphans, raise social status, and promote the general welfare of its members, while in turn, its members abide by rules, laws, and social contracts of culture and ideals.

Now, to get to level 25 is no small feat. Recently, I discovered through odd acquaintances (it's a small virtual world after all) two (women) players, who are both guildmasters of level 19+ guilds. One is a GM of a Level 25 guild. (And no, I am not joining their guilds. I wouldn't even ask. I like RWS, and I like my little kitchen-grown guild, ETTDB, which is just for fun and to quote The Big Lebowski lines in macros). I don't know if I'll ever feel qualified enough to join a raid with RWS; there are a whole lot of BoT trash runs and garbage pails I'll need to empty out first, I'm sure. But so far, aside from having filthy mouths, (which doesn't phase me one bit) everyone is really funny and friendly. (And they quote Shakespeare.)

But it was hard to give up my "exalted" achievement with my own little guild, Ever Thus. I do wish I could have brought more to the table when I joined RWS, not only to help my own ranking, but to help theirs, too. Why have these restrictions on guilds, Blizzard? I can only imagine the fury of many of the players the GM weeded out in Lucky Strikes: he probably pulled out a few roses too among the thorns.

I have witnessed the fall-out of a union strike, and it is ugly. The ones who hold power tend to keep power. The purpose and intent of a union is to raise everyone's level of professionalism and benefit all, even if a few weak members are carried, too. Kind of a "you're only as strong as your weakest link" theme, except it does put more pressure on the superstars; however, sometimes we all need a little help, too. Perhaps the weight of too many players crushed the shoulders of the giants. Or maybe they (the guildmaster and officers) are just jerks. I don't really know. There are always two sides to every story, sometimes more, but there are some hints of hubris: boy, does that sound like the worst break-up line ever? "You'll be better off without me?" I call bullsh*t on that one. Unions require dues. No one gets to level 25 on their own. There needs to be a better way to allow players to break off into smaller guilds so everyone who does want to raid, can, or level, or whatever. Conversely, I am sure those players were warned. At least I hope so. Maybe there was some writing on the castle walls?

Anyway, if I ever get too big for my britches, all I need to do is look at the note from the GM on my officer's note (which I shall not repeat here). Having a sense of humor is required, and with that, I am exalted.

Theme song: Hit the Road, Jack- Ray Charles
Optional: Knight of the Round Table scene/Monty Python/Holy Grail

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