Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wait- that wasn't me, I swear!

On the hooves of the Astral Walker title post, I see this article on Bible of Dreams: How Not to Make a Good Impression in Your First Raid -- excellent post. And I just feel the need to make an observation or confession, or a little of both -- I am not that player. I say little or nothing in a new raid in Vent, especially, I try to learn everything I can beforehand when given notice, and would never, ever, EVER presume to tell any other player what they should or shouldn't do, especially the leader. I work far too hard in the real world to create dynamic teams, and believe it or not (yes, my friends, I realize some of you are laughing and say NOT!), I do my best to learn and listen. I have gotten in more trouble by asking (dumb) questions than not. And I did let the person who invited me know, very early on, what my zero level of experience was, but was warmly encouraged to try it. Now, I cannot control their opinion of me or my play style afterwards, but I was forthcoming. I know my limitations as a player, but I also know my strengths. Hopefully my friends in Azeroth will come to know those, too, and appreciate them, as I hope to appreciate their styles, too. And friendships.

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