Monday, April 18, 2011

Gaseous clouds.

Sometimes being impulsive works.

Take yesterday for example. Talk about dumb-ass dumb luck.

Just hanging out, getting a few things done on Luperci, and guild-mate asks if Mat wants to do Yogg. She assumed he meant shots of Scandinavian liquor, but that's not what he had in mind. Sure! Why not?! What's the worst that could happen?!

That was kind of like telling a someone to go get a steak out of a bull while there were still hooves attached. With a butter knife.

Okay, it wasn't THAT bad. But the thing is, the mechanics of the Lich King raids and dungeons are still hugely unknown to Miss Mat. She is so...freakin...clueless sometimes. But, you know what? So were several other of the players there too. (The raid leader was as cool as the moon, a young woman, who is someone anyone would feel safe with if she was the pilot of a plane or captain of a ship. And there's an iceberg. With tentacles.)

Quickly into the first round, Mat abandoned all hope of being in the top DPS of anything while she was trying to figure it out -- she talked to the player with the invite, and this person was so supportive and sweet. Another guild-mate was frantically whispering tips: she had done the raid a few times back at level 80. Even with a roomful of level 85 players, it took three tries to get Yogg down, but down the drain he went. She helped a little bit. Maybe. Kind of? 

In any case, off to see the wizard, that starry-eyed "I am a robot and feel no love" monologuing man, Algalon.

Holy Nebula --  that is a breathtakingly beautiful "dungeon." 

Astronomy for Dummies

Mat was so star-struck, while looking in her bags for a pen and an autograph book, she forgot she was in a raid and stepped in a black hole, kind of Wiley Coyote style, and landed face flat on some astro-turf. She got in some pretty good hits before she went all nova-blast, and watched as other players slowly twinkled out...but there were a few left standing, and down the wormhole Al fell.

She made all her wishes on those players' stars, and title was achieved:

Moral of the story?

Gotta fight the fights to learn the fights. Yes, watch videos. Yes, read up on them. Absolutely. Positively. Don't go in as ignorant as Mattycakes. But don't be intimidated either. If someone asks you to the dance, go. If you fall on your, um, tail, say Kirstie Alley style, just get back up again. You can stand on the shoulders of giants sometimes.

PS (Did not accept any loot - just didn't feel like I deserved it)

Theme song: Space Oddity/David Bowie
or better yet: David Bowie songs performed by Seu Jorge on The Life Aquatic soundtrack

To watch it on a grainy YouTube video on this raid:

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