Sunday, April 3, 2011

Three's a charm.

Luperci the Untested went from level 35 to 37 today*.  She has been in Scarlet Monastery graveyard and warrior's area a few times, and the Maraudon so much she is convinced she has a lung infection from the spores which no amount of cleanse is capable of dispelling.

But she is determined, dogged, and dedicated. The righteous will triumph. And, do not underestimate the magical power of "3"---

Door #1: Was told by a player named Junk or Punk or Gunk, something like that, that all tanks are for is "kiting."

Door #2: Was told to "range" the slimes, not melee, and healer, determined she was right, and Lupe was wrong, chose not to heal Lupe. Nada. Zilch. Hunter said he was out of arrows.

(Yes: read that right--hunter said he was out of arrows.)

Door #3: This was indeed a courageous, skillful group; intelligent, wise, strong, and fierce. They tore through Scarlet with no incident, ignorance, or insidiousness.

And, at the end, Luperci received the coveted Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade.  Her sister muse Mat has never received this, and is quite envious, but proud, too.

Luperci may have to take this to a tailor for alterations...(cough)

And already, even before level 40, Lupe has encountered more than her fair share of hyper-active shamans who are under the impression they are tanks. For this, Mataoka would like to apologize profusely; although she was never that hyper, and if asked to step back a bit, always respectfully did. Or tried to. (If you know otherwise, this would be the time to discreetly keep your mouth closed. We all alter memories a bit for mental safety!)

Luperci is really hoping, however, that the human won't see the need to change her into a male. There's enough sexism in the world, and probably even more so in Azeroth; but the world(s) need strong females, too. And if you don't think females have a strong sense of righteous fury...well, maybe you're out of arrows.

*Postscript: Reached level 40 - will be slinging shields to level 50 so she can wear her shiny plate armor - specialized style. She can wear the off-the-rack fashions now.

Let's review what paladin means:


  1. Anonymous4.4.11

    So you've got Shield of the Righteous for wonderful shield-meet-face crits of doom, and you're about to get some of your better defensive abilities as well.

    It just keeps on getting better and better.

    Oh, and Maradon sucks...even more so than running out of imaginary arrows.

  2. Thanks, Psy...needed that (commented) buff!


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