Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Seeing gnomes? Stop eating mushrooms.
Mat <3s gnomes.

But she is a little afraid of them, too. 

They are sweet as buttercups and twice as tasty, but they are crafty.

Mat's known a few gnomes, and considers them close play friends. When she first encountered Those of Shortest Stature but Biggest Hearts she was afraid she'd squash them with her big hooves. She needn't had worried. They are fast. 

So. Very. Fast.

In fact, they can be quite exhausting. There is no tank who is more GO GO GO than a gnome. Even Luperci in Dire Maul today was quickly out-distanced by a little gnome mage named Fridge. She felt put on ice. Little gnome could have taken on the whole place by himself (until he took a wrong turn, stepped in something, and died). But nothing slows down gnomes, really. They are are all squeeeeeeee and very little clomp-clomp. They are the very essence of onomatopoeia. 

Feeling down? Need to know what's going on? Need a hug that hits the heart just right (if you're sitting down, anyway)? 

Go gnome.

Theme song: Walkie Talkie Man -Steriogram (loud please)
*Watched this again- wow - the knitting/fabric art is amazing in this video. Like a sweater you keep knitting, and knitting, and knitting....

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