Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Me olvide de aprender espanol!

(I have questioned my reasoning more than once regarding taking high school French versus Spanish. What the hell was I thinking?)

Yesterday, trying to get the heroic 70 valor points done quickly, ("check, please!") queued with a buddy, and of course: Stonecore. There is nothing quick about Stonecore PUGs, it seems. Handsome, dark, and well-dressed, the tank was the strong, silent type. But Miss Mat sensed something else: call it her shammy senses, but the brave paladin seemed a bit shy, too: cut to the wipe scene: Senor Tank spoke Spanish, was from Argentina, and was apologetic to the group for not being able to take down Ozruk. He said everything in Spanish: how did Mat understand? To be fair, although this is a tank fight, we were damn close the second round: his life-support was about to be pulled, and then, el hombre muerto. Y asi hicimos todos.

Now, the healer and druid bailed. Mat tried desperately to go to Google translator to find a phrase to make the tank feel better. Why? Call is shaman intuition, but there was something very kind and sweet about this player, Mat could feel the embarrassed tone of apologies. Some things are not lost in translation. With an avatar and the use of a few key emoticons, many things can be understood. 

Mat and friend didn't complete Stonecore. He went to Tol, she to Deadmines (Dios mio, Vanessa, por favor senorita, get over yourself!)

Ozruk: Voy a matar a usted otro dia...

Human's to do list:
1. Get Mat in all epic gear (hahahahaha)*
2. Get Mat in PvP epic healer gear
3. Get Luperci up to a playable level so she can have a play-date with a healer friend
4. Get Haanta to level 85 and quit ignoring her
5. Continue to ignore Morphemia
6. Play Zeptepi of the Light Feathers more
7. Do old dungeons, raids, etc.
8. Do new dungeons, raids, etc.
9. Kill Ozruk once for every time he's killed Mat
10. Learn to speak Spanish (hahahahahahaha--crap. Help me, mi amigos!)

*Postscript: One happy thing: In Deadmines, the beautiful Druid healer (tank and healer were from the same guild and were very much in love--gag), told Mat that watching her play made her want to play her enhancement shaman again--wow! Cool!

While searching for a performance by the Gipsy Kings/Hotel California, I came across this: 

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