Friday, April 8, 2011

Reins and reigns

Puffy eyes. Cold coffee. Human woke up very tired this morning. Her only quest: one final big push over the next few days on a project. She knows she will feel better when it's done.  (She has never, ever, procrastinated this much on anything--and really does not understand how people do this out of habit.) Human always puts so much effort in everything she does, going overboard to the point of burn-out. This project is bitter medicine: must be taken to cure a wrong, but oh, so foul. Doesn't seem to be enough honey mead in the world to wash it down.

So when human tells her friends this news she hopes they take it at face value: the main reason she put Mat in a new guild is just to have someone else take over the driving for a bit. To see what it's like to have someone else put things on the calendar, click on an invite, and not worry or wait. Just to see what's behind the curtain. She was La Reina of Ever Thus To Deadbeats, and, she still has her sash and tiara. She's turned over the keys to the castle to a beautiful cross-dressing warlock and her scruffy hunter for a bit. She can only think that this will benefit all--if she has the chance to earn items that she can sell, wear, or give as boons and rewards to help other players, then that will be beneficial indeed. Any vainglorious motivations simply are not true. No ulterior motives or hidden agendas.  She only has two prerequisites: she continues to help friends, and is helped by them, and she maintains her sense of humor.

We'll see how this experiment goes. Mat did not make trade promises of first born sons for hay to be spun into gold, as far as she knows. There are loopholes and exit strategies, unless of course there is fine print. (And there is always fine print.)

She was in negotiations with a fun, spunky guild recently, and one of the enticing perks offered, unsolicited, was that the GM has, um, (cough) breasts. You're lovely, dear, but your Jedi mind tricks won't work on me. I am not a 23-year-old living in his mother's basement, (perhaps feeling that way a bit right now) but thank you just the same.

Theme song: Barracuda/Heart (not sure why this one popped in my mind: back when it was okay for female guitarists to have mullets? /shrug
Of course: Bohemian Rhapsody/Queen

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