Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I don't care what they say about us...

Mat's got a Raid date! Woot! Rifling through her closet, trying desperately to figure out what to wear, eat, and drink beforehand, she's hoping a Fairy Godmother will shell out a few Murloc clams for some new threads. Before she turns into a pumpkin, she's got to make a love connection first: Looking over the Bad Boys of WoW, she thinks, "Hmm...which one is the man of my dreams?"

Bachelor Number 1: A fiery, hot-tempered soul, this bachelor has been chasing down Draenei tail for light years. If you don't mind the smell of a little brimstone after-shave and a penchant for ever-lasting fiery pits, then he's your demon!

Bachelor Number 2: Moody and dark, this emo gent will romantically sweep any young blonde* off her feet (or hooves) with his big hammer and righteous sense of sacrifice. On the rebound from a recent break-up (sorry, Jaina....) he is up for grabs! Don't let those icy hands turn you cold, though, cause things can get pretty hot and heavy with this lonesome prince-turned-king!

Bachelor Number 3: With that granite chin and those rock-hard abs, this willful beast will fly into your heart like a firestorm and make your head spin! Never mind his bitter resentment and hardware, he's coming to your town and straight for you!

Well, for this date, she chose Bachelor #2 - and is very excited! Going to try ICC, and see what's what. But if she sees her name written on the bathroom walls, she's got her own cab fare and she is GONE. If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.

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