Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shoveling achievements.

In her best Jedi voice: These are not the weeds you're looking for...

Oh, spring is most pungently in the air! Catch that aroma? Perhaps the Taurens have been out fertilizing Elwynn Forest.

Mat and Kaylyne got a bit of a break from the last What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been questing/achievement rounds from last February's Love is in the Air. Love was in the air, and it smelled a bit skunky.

The next one on the list is: Noble Gardener, which starts around April 24 this year. It's basket-chocked full of springtime fertility rites and chocolately-goodness. There are bunnies, Bunnies, eggs, chocolate, and more bunnies (they do multiply fast!).

As far as the Blushing Bride one goes she hopes the gentlemen of Stormwind consider stepping up and making an honest woman out of her. But don't expect it to last, and definitely keep the receipt on that toaster you bought.

Mat has this one, the children's one, and a few more on the midsummer flame achievement before she completes this year long quest, right about the time she will celebrate her May 1 dorkaversary, when she first started playing. What a long strange trip indeed.

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