Thursday, April 21, 2011

Game Experience May Change

Last week when I did Baradin Hold, I was top DPS. Everything was peachy-keen. This week, I got a "whos the fail sham" and a "fu mataoka" from a warlock.

Tears welling up in my big glowing eyes, my favorite dwarf hunter was there to dry my tears. (Thanks, Mo.)

Here's the thing:

It was a 25-man PUG.
We wiped twice. TWICE.
I think we had 3-4 healers - I didn't even bother to count because it is not that tough of a "raid" - more like a big dungeon. Tanks dragged in off the streets, but seemed fine.
I was top 5 - 6 DPS those first two times, but then..those wipes.

Got me spooked I guess.

And the last fight, at the very last second, I did make a dumb mistake, but no one died. It was just dumb, I don't even want to write it. Didn't cost anyone anything but my own embarrassment.

And that is what those players remembered --my one dumb mistake. Out of 25 players, I get the "fu?"

There was one other mistake, and that was when I placed hero. I wasn't the only shaman there, either. Okay. It was bad placement, but mostly I follow raid leader's orders on when to put it out there. The rogue who raid-chatted trash-talking me did politely answer my whisper when I asked him something about it, and I got a good answer. He wasn't the raid leader though. Maybe he remembered that after the two wipes when he asked the lower DPS half to "suck less" I wasn't in that ranking, so even though publicly he was mean, in private conversation he was relatively polite and helpful.

Talking to a ETTDB guildie, he said, "You know, I've consistently been top damage on so many battlegrounds, my play and my presence affected the outcome of the game. And yet I still get punks saying "fu" and "u suck."

We all know trolls live under bridges, and that trash-talking is part of this game.

But it doesn't mean I have to like it.

Postscript: I go into a lions' den everyday. But those lions know I see them, and they see me. Can't imagine a single one of them telling me "u suck" to my face.

Theme song: Forget You/Official Music Video/Cee Lo Green (I was feeling a bit more Atari than Xbox) - this version is the 'cleaner' version.

Gonna look to see if there was something else I missed:

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