Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And this is when I go insane, Part II

There is something broken in my head, and I'm really trying to figure out how to fix it. Even though, or maybe because of, facing a full day ahead, (every day) and raiding tonight, or all the other demons pulling at me, I cannot sleep a full seven hours. Eight? Are you joking? I can't remember the last time I slept a full eight hours. This morning's nonsense was thinking about something my new boss decided, and that is we, the staff, can't work on weekends. She has her reasons. I wanted to explain that because of visiting my sick mom, and other responsibilities, I couldn't get my usual tasks done this past August, because I needed/need to be physically there at my job. I cannot do what I need to do virtually--some things require physical presence. I have to pick up things. I have to sort, file, move, catalog, label, and organize. And I can't do it all on a computer. All of these tasks are outside the realm of my control -- in other words, wait....let me think about this: There are a set of parameters of things I need to do to feel more in control, and there is a set of parameters of things that conspire to get the contents of Subgroup A out of control. Chaos Theory? String Theory? Or more like String Cheese Theory? The point is, I do not deal well when others put unnecessary obstacles in my way. And, so, I wake up with insomnia at 3:30AM, and then am even further incapable of doing what I need to do.


I wanted to do a fun post on Pirate Day. I love Pirate Day. I've been celebrating it long before I ever even heard of Azeroth. 

Wait -- maybe that's it!  I need to tap into my inner pirate! Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn't let a little thing like a BOSS stop him, would he!? HELL NO.

So, I went to a name generator and gave myself a new name. From henceforth, on this day of our Lord September 19, ye shall refer to me as  Cap'n Angie Pinkbeard.

Oh, wait, I don't like that - how about Bubonic Romana Drake?! Yes! That's better. Aye.

So, time to get me pirate on, and if anyone asks me why I'm getting all scallywag up in your grill, there is only one answer: "Pirate."

PS I had to explain to a 20-something that "swag" did not come from rap songs. 



  1. Cassaberee19.9.12

    Hey Matty hope your day gets better. I liked the Angie Pinkbeard name better myself.

    I really liked the part about the SWAG term. Seems i had to explain that one to someone older than here at work a few months ago. And unfortunately (or is it fortunate?) i am no longer a 20-smething, or even close.

    1. Hey, in Azeroth, we're all 24, amazing superheroes, and are in full control of our swag! --it is a pretty funny name....


  2. "PS I had to explain to a 20-something that "swag" did not come from rap songs.


    Made me lol irl. Thank you for the giggle Bubonic Romana Drake! (although as a pirate I'm sure that's not something you like to do...make people giggle that is)

    Sorry to hear about your sleep issues. I am sure it's frustrating. Something that works for me is to warm up a cup of milk and add a shot of Frangelico ( to it and drink it down. It's so yummy and soothing. Or a glass of red wine.

    I don't know what to suggest if you're not a drinker...maybe lavender tea? Or a small bowl of lavender potpourri next to your bed?

    1. That is lovely advice, and though I do enjoy cocktails, wine, and liqueurs such as Frangelica, it's more a matter of early waking as opposed to the ability of falling asleep. Doing a shot of Fran at 330 may be problematic on a workday. However, thinking the lavender may be a viable solution! Thank you - your charming Bubonic RD! :)

  3. Dang, 300 channels on the Telly and none have "String Cheese Theory". Now I'll be awake tonight, wondering what I missed.

    The whole family started practicing Pirate-Speak last night and we went off to bed, giggling. I expected pirate infested dreams, but was disappointed.

    1. What? Wasn't that a Stephen Hawking special? Damn. Could have sworn!


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